Thank you so much. I love your titanium tags! This will be my third purchase and I'm sure there will be many more to come. I have German Shepherds and for some reason they love to chew their tags. YOUR TAG HAS BEEN THE ONLY ONE THEY HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DESTROY, LOOKING AS GOOD AS THE DAY I BOUGHT THEM. My big male who goes 110 lbs & can't put a dent in this tag and he tries all the time. I currently volunteer at a dog training facility while I'm working on my Master Trainers. They also do boarding, grooming, and daycare. If you would like to send some cards with the order I have no problem putting them out & telling people about your product. That's how much I Love these tags. I'm sure the others are just as high quality.

UPDATE: I just purchased another titanium tag, the first having been about three years ago. My German Shepherds can not chew these tags up! My dogs have never lost them; whether romping with each other, in the woods, or swimming. They look as new as the day I received them! IN MY OPINION THESE ARE THE GREATEST TAGS OUT THERE!

–Kristen, Proctorville, OH




I received my dog's tag today. YOUR COMPANY IS FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY. I will definitely be recommending you to my dog loving friends.

–Jill, Columbia, SC




I got our necklaces today. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!! Thank you so much!! I love the packaging too. Can't wait to give it to my friend. Really appreciate your help. Thanks again!!

–Shannon, Louisville, KY




JUST RECEIVED THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PENDANT I'VE EVER SEEN, impeccably wrapped, so much so that it will get wrapped as is. Love the frilly stuff and black wrap. TOTALLY FIRST CLASS. Thank you soooooo much!!! It has been a pleasure.

–Kevin, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada




I must tell you that I was very distressed when I could not find the bookmark for your website. Having ordered one of the Titanium Pet tags for my dog Jedi about two years ago, WE WERE SO THRILLED BY THE QUALITY AND THE DURABILITY THAT WE WANTED NOTHING ELSE FOR OUR NEW PUPPY who we will be picking up in San Diego this coming weekend. Thank goodness that I found you easily in a web search! And now have one on the way for little Kayli. THE ELEGANCE AND BEAUTY OF YOUR WORKMANSHIP IS PHENOMENAL. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ABSOLUTE EXCELLENCE. Thank you so much!

UPDATE: You are in the top of my list for customer service par no other establishment as well as sending a product that is pure elegance. I am going to continue to recommend you to all my family and friends.

–Trish, Lancaster, CA



I received my order today and am extremely happy with everything. THE PACKAGING IS BEAUTIFUL, LOOKS LIKE IT WAS DONE BY A POSH SHOP IN PARIS! Thanks for the immediate shipping too.

–Jeanne, Roanoke, VA 




I just wanted to tell you how much I loved the brass circle tags I got for my dachshunds, Mason and Miles. When we moved, I had felt sad that the dogs wouldn't get to continue wearing the tags they'd always worn for years, but getting their new tags from your company banished that feeling in an instant. THE TAGS ARE GORGEOUS! THE ENGRAVING IS NICE AND DEEP, THE FONT IS ELEGANT YET EASY TO READ, AND THE OVERALL LOOK ON MY DOGS IS ABSOLUTELY EYE CATCHING. I ABSOLUTELY AM IN LOVE WITH HOW CLASSY THESE TAGS MAKE MY DOGS LOOK. I'VE ORDERED FROM OTHER COMPANIES BEFORE, BUT I WOULD USE YOUR COMPANY AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT. Thanks for providing such a lovely and durable product!

–Julie, Brookfield, WI




Wow! Tags arrived today. We were surprised at the nice packaging and attention to detail with custom jewelry like packaged tags. I HAVE PURCHASED 14KT GOLD AT PRIVATE JEWELRY STORES AND THEY WERE NOT PACKAGED AS NICE. THE TAG QUALITY FAR EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS, SIMPLY GORGEOUS AND IMPRESSIVE. We will highly recommend your company! I look forward to two legged jewelry purchases from your company. Many thanks again for the generous discount too. It is not too often in today's society to receive such personal professional service.

–Tammy, Edgewater, FL




I received my order in two days (quite amazing) and I was very happy. I opened the box and was even more amazed at the beautiful presentation, IT WAS AS IF I WAS RECEIVING A PIECE OF PRECIOUS JEWELRY (CERTAINLY NOT A DOG TAG). I am happy with the tag, especially the engraving. It is very easy to read, and that is the main reason for a dog tag...your dog can't be returned to you if the information on it can't be read, so A+ for the engraving. The size is okay but if I had a preference I would have liked it a bit larger mainly because his ugly red dog license kind of overwhelms it. I have to say dealing with you has been an absolute pleasure, and YOUR COMMITMENT TO QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS MORE THAN OUTSTANDING!!!!!

–Sheila, Lake Havasu City, AZ




I purchased the bell charm for my small dog Sophie. The sound is loud enough to hear without being too loud. I love this charm. THE CRAFTSMANSHIP IS EXCELLENT. Would recommend this item to everyone.

–Faye, Deland, FL




I received the tag earlier today and I couldn't be happier with it. IT'S ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. THE SIZE IS JUST RIGHT AND THE ENGRAVING IS BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't believe how quickly the tag arrived. THE PACKAGING WAS AN EXCELLENT TOUCH; JUST LIKE OPENING A GIFT. I appreciated that you promptly asked me to verify sizing for the keyring. That was a fine example of communication and customer service that's difficult to find in most online shops. Thank you for everything!

– Nicole, River Edge, NJ




I got the tag in last night. I LOVE IT!! I can't wait to show all my dog park friends :-) I really like the packaging and tin the tag came with. I will definitely pass on my recommendation to anyone I know looking for a new, high-quality pet tag.

Thank you so much for your patience and for accommodating my requests. I am especially looking forward to the warranty because my dog's other tag wore thin at the o-ring point and eventually broke. Also, I have had three o-rings stretch and bend from my dog's rough play, so even if the o-ring is not covered under the warranty, I'm sure it will hold up better than all others.

Let me know if ever your company starts a facebook page so I CAN BECOME A FAN AND ATTEST TO THE QUALITY, WORKMANSHIP, AND EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Again, thank you so very much!!

– Jessica, Houston, TX




I recently ordered the small round sterling silver dog ID tag for my girlfriend’s dog. I just want to tell you how happy I am with it! IT IS VERY EASY TO TELL WHEN A PERSON TAKES PRIDE IN WHAT THEY DO; THIS IS ONE OF THOSE CASES. From the detailed and careful placement of all the box and confetti, to the quality and craftsmanship of the ID tag. It looks great; YOU WOULD THINK YOU JUST ORDERED SOMETHING FROM TIFFANY & CO. I could not be happier with it and I will be ordering from you again!

– Jason, Senoia, GA



I received my order today and it is really wonderful. This is the second sterling silver tag I've purchased for my pet. The first one was not from you, and it was much more money and not anywhere near as nice as yours. It actually fell off of my dog's collar, because it was attached with a lobster claw and wasn't as sturdy as the tags you make. THE QUALITY BEHIND YOUR ID TAG AND THE ENGRAVING IS BEYOND COMPARE. I just wanted to let you know that I am a happy customer and that I appreciate the quality of your product! Oh and that was super fast (wow)!!! I had to wait close to three weeks for the first tag I had purchased from another artist.

– Kim, Belmar, NJ

P.S. You can definitely use it in a testimonial. I really mean it... it's so rare that something that you order online is even better than your expectations! All of your hard work is evident in the final product. I'm really picky and very impressed!!