Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my order?

To ensure we have enough time to process orders and still make the mail, orders received by 10:00am EST Monday-Friday are processed and shipped the same day. Orders received after 10:00am EST or while we are closed are processed and shipped the following business day. We are closed for all public holidays. With our standard shipping, you should receive your order within 3-5 business days. Faster shipping is available. Please note that any shipping costs are non-refundable if you wish to return your order.

What information should I put on the back of my pet’s tag?

We highly recommend listing your cellphone number first. Most people have their cellphone with or near them at all times and if your pet is lost, it is best to have the quickest, surest way of contacting you listed first. You’ll also be able to be reached if your pet is found while you are out looking for them! Plus, if you ever move, your cellphone number can stay the same negating the need to purchase another pet tag with your new information. If you do not have a cellphone, we recommend using your home phone number and address. Other popular ideas include listing the word “REWARD” on the tag to encourage anyone that may find your pet to aid in their return.

Whereas chip ID numbers and 24/7 lost-pet call centers are novel ideas, they are not practical items to include on a pet tag. What is the point of a 24/7 call center? Provided your pet hasn’t lost their tag with the call center number on it, whoever finds your pet needs to call the center who will then attempt to contact you. Why go through those extra steps instead of having the finder contact you directly on your cell or home phone? After all, if the tag is still attached, your direct contact information might as well be what the finder reads rather than some third party phone number and ID number. As for the microchips, they are an excellent idea in case your pet ever loses their ID tag, gets lost, and eventually is found and taken to some place that can scan them for one. However, since the purpose of the chip is to create a sort of “safe guard” or “backup” against a lost id tag, what is the point in putting the number on the tag in the first place? If the tag is lost, the pet will hopefully be scanned for a microchip, but otherwise their tag would be attached with your contact information and there would be no need to scan them in the first place.

Please remember that the more information you attempt to fit or squeeze onto a tag, the smaller the letters will end up being. Consequently, we have installed character limits to help ensure the legibility of your tag so that no matter who finds your pet, they'll always be able to read your information.

What size pet tag do I need?

We recommend small tags for pets under 20lbs. and large tags for pets above 20lbs.Click here to see Pet Tag dimensions.

Why should I purchase a Titanium Edition tag?

Titanium is an exceptionally strong and hard, yet light weight metal. It will not rust, corrode, or tarnish, is hypoallergenic and wears extremely well. Our Titanium Edition tags are so durable that we guarantee the tag and its engraving for the lifetime of your pet! What does that mean? It means that if your Titanium Edition tag ever breaks, rusts, corrodes, or if the engraving ever becomes illegible, we will replace it free. . just pay shipping and that's it! Why waste your time, gas, and money driving around to constantly replace “cheap” tags only to have them break or have the engraving rub off. Our Titanium Edition tags are the last tags you’ll ever need to buy and are simply the World’s Most Durable Tag!

What's so great about a Tungsten Carbide tag?

Are you tired of tags that get all scratched up and stop looking pretty? Our tungsten carbide tags answer that problem with the most scratch-resistant tag ever made! Tungsten Carbide is exceptionally hard (5 times harder than the toughest stainless steel!) and it will not rust, corrode, or tarnish, is hypoallergenic. The best part is that your tag will stay looking like new vastly longer than any other tag made.

IMPORTANT! Because tungsten carbide is more brittle we DO NOT recommend tungsten carbide tags be worn with other tags or in multiples on the same collar. This will greatly increase the chance of breakage. If you'd like to have multiple tags on the same collar or are more concerned with durability than beauty, we highly recommend our titanium tags which are hands-down the most durable tag made...but just not quite as shiny and pretty as our Tungsten Carbide ones.

Do your tags have a guarantee?

Yes! Our Titanium Edition, Tungsten Carbide, Stainless Steel, and Brass pet tags are guaranteed (both the engraving and the tag) for the LIFETIME of your pet! If your engraving ever becomes unreadable, the tag ever breaks, corrodes, wears out, or just simply gets lost, we will replace it FREE! You just pay shipping to get it to your door and that's it. . . for LIFE! They are the last tags you’ll ever need to buy!

Please note that replacement tags can only be reordered exactly as originally ordered. If you wish to change any information or replace it with a different tag, you will need to place a new order. Thank you!

I didn't enter the right information on my tag and need to change it. What do I do?

We will engrave your tag exactly as you have ordered it. If we have made an error, please send us an email or give us a call and we will send you a corrected one free of charge. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your pet tag, however, you are responsible for entering the correct information on the order form. If you discover you mis-entered your information or wish to change the text from the way you ordered it, please call or email us immediately in the hopes that we can correct it before your order is processed. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for the alterations if your tag has already been engraved. We will do whatever we can to work with you in a reasonable manner to make you happy though. If you have made an error in the information you entered and wish to get a correction, please send us an email at or give us a call at (616) 402-5142. Thank you!

What is your return policy?

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you may return it within 15 days for a full refund. Items must be in new, unused/unworn condition and be accompanied by their receipt. Please note that engraved/personalized items are NOT returnable. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (616) 402-5142 or e-mail us at

Send all returns to:

Erich Christopher Designs, LLC
P.O. Box 273
West Olive, MI 49460

What does "Lay-Flat" design mean?

Our "Lay-Flat" design was done so that your tags will literally "lay-flat" against your pet. Most tags available today are just a tag and a keyring meaning that when they are attached to the collar, the tag hangs sideways. As a jewelry company, when we created our tags this cheap and old-style was unacceptable. Consequently, we've taken extra steps to include a jumpring that is hand-soldered closed to allow the tag to lay flat on your pet's fur! This feature is available (and comes standard) on our sterling silver, titanium, tungsten carbide, brass, and stainless steel pet tags.

How do I order a replacement tag under the lifetime guarantee?

Titanium, Tungsten Carbide, Brass, & Stainless Steel tags are guaranteed for the lifetime of your pet! If your tag ever breaks, becomes unreadable, or simply gets lost, we will replace it free of charge with an identical tag. You pay only the shipping cost to have the tag sent to your door. To order a replacement, simply follow this link:

Order Replacement Tag

*Please note that replacement tags can only be reordered exactly as originally ordered. If you wish to change any information or replace it with a different tag, you will need to place a new order. Thank you!