Lowest cost, highest-quality tag made!

The ultimate combination of low-cost, high-quality, and resistance to corrosion. With prices this low, there's no reason you should ever go tagless again!

  • Free 2-sided engraving! Choose from 12 unique fonts!

Our Stainless Steel Pet Tags Are Engineered to Outlast

Our inexpensive Stainless Steel pet tags are based on our Titanium Edition tags and are engineered to outlast all other stainless steel tags on the market while maintaining a price below most inferior "cheap" ID tags. Sure, you might be able to buy cheaper stainless steel pet ID tags, but none will last as long as ours or look as good! Plus, unlike other companies that just lightly mark the tag, we use highly-specialized equipment (developed exclusively for the jewelry industry), that creates a deep, clear, quality engraving unparalleled by any other tag company! Consequently, our engraving will last far longer than others! So much so that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on our engraving! Our stainless steel tags come with a stainless steel keyring and are given a cool satin-finish to enhance their legibility. Our tags are available exclusively at The Sterling Pet! For more information on our Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags, please visit our About Our Quality and FAQ sections.

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