The World's MOST SCRATCH-RESISTANT Pet Tag. Guaranteed!

  • Incredible durability! The most scratch-resistant tag made!
  • Will NEVER rust, corrode, or stain!
  • Lifetime Warranty & Same-day shipping!

Tungsten Pet Tags: No More Scratched Tags!

Tungsten Carbide is an extraordinarily hard metal alloy which is amazingly scratch-resistant. In fact, it is so hard that only a few naturally occurring minerals can even scratch it; corundum (ruby/sapphire) and diamond. That means that our exotic tungsten pet tags will hold their polished-finish vastly longer than any other pet tag made. . .GUARANTEED! To give you an idea, these solid tungsten carbide tags are over 5 times harder than the toughest stainless steel! Our tungsten pet ID tags do not corrode, rust, or stain and are also hypoallergenic. It should be noted that we only lightly engrave these tags for the simple reason that nothing deeper is necessary and it helps keep their cost down since these tag cost much more to manufacture than our others. Once your tungsten pet ID tag is engraved, the engraving will last for more than a lifetime no matter what your pet throws at it! When it comes to quality and durability, our Tungsten pet ID tags are unequaled by any other tag made! For more information, please visit our About Our Quality and FAQ sections. All Tungsten pet tags come with an ultra-durable stainless steel key ring for collar attachment.

IMPORTANT!:  Because tungsten carbide is more brittle we DO NOT recommend tungsten carbide tags be worn with other tags or in multiples on the same collar. This will greatly increase the chance of breakage. If you'd like to have multiple tags on the same collar or are more concerned with durability than beauty, we highly recommend our titanium tags which are hands-down the most durable tag made...but just not quite as shiny and pretty as our Tungsten Carbide ones.

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