Rich in tradition, full of class, and never short on elegence

Brass, the perfect metal for distinguished pets. Lifetime Guarantee!

Cultured Brass Pet Tags Meet Elegance

Our highly affordable Brass pet tags are engineered to last longer than all other brass tags on the market while boasting a price below most inferior "cheap" pet ID tags. While you might be able to buy less expensive brass pet ID tags, none will last as long as ours or look as good! Plus, unlike other pet tag producers that just lightly mark the tag, we use highly-specialized equipment (developed exclusively for the jewelry industry), that creates a deep, crisp, high-quality engraving unparalleled by any other pet tag company so our engraving will last so much longer! This is why we're proud to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on not only our engraving, but even the tags themselves! Our beautiful brass pet tags come with a brass keyring. Our tags are available exclusively at The Sterling Pet! For more information on our Brass Pet ID Tags, please visit our About Our Quality and FAQ sections.

*Please note that we DO NOT recommend brass tags for light-colored pets. Over time, brass can stain their lighter fur and coatings or special treatments designed to prevent this eventually wear off. Therefore, we recommend any of our other tags for your lightly-colored furry friends to ensure their coat continues looking fantastic!

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