The Highest Quality Sterling Silver Tags!

Reflect the value of their love & loyalty with the finest sterling silver tags available...tags so beautiful they aren't to be worn everyday, that's why we include a FREE matching Titanium tag.

The Finest Sterling Silver Pet Tags Available!

Why not give your pet a tag that reflects the value of their loyalty? Our sterling silver pet tags are our in-house designs and produced exclusively for The Sterling Pet. They are held to the same high-quality standards as our jewelry and are on par with the finest sterling silver jewelry produced by any of the great jewelry houses. Plus, unlike other companies that just lightly mark the pet tag, we use state-of-the-art equipment developed exclusively for the jewelry industry. As such, our engraving will last far longer than that by any other pet ID tag company! All Sterling Silver Pet ID Tags come with a solid sterling silver keyring for collar attachment and are available exclusively at The Sterling Pet! Please visit our About Our Quality and FAQ sections for more information regarding Sterling Silver Pet Tags.

It should be noted that Sterling Silver is not a highly durable metal. This is why we provide you with a FREE matching Titanium Edition Tag with each silver tag purchase (a $24.95 value!). Most of our customers purchase sterling silver tags as "dress-up", "show", or "going-out-on-the-town" tags. Therefore, we also send you an ultra-durable, solid Titanium tag for "every-day" use with every purchase as an "every-day" tag complete with our LIFETIME Guarantee!

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